is a premier location scouting and management company based in Ecuador, South America and with offices in New York and San Francisco USA. We also provide complete logistical assistance for all types of productions including film, television, music videos, documentaries and still photography.

We are a group of American and Ecuadorian location managers, producers and tourism operators with a common goal -- share our expertise and knowledge of this beautiful country with production companies from all over the world, so they can take advantage of the exotic and unique locations Ecuador has to offer.

Our group can offer products and services in every related industry sector, including tourism, production, security, media, legal and advertising. In addition, we have government officials as part of our team to facilitate any type of production, whenever necessary.

Dozens of films, television shows and music videos have been filmed and produced in Ecuador, South America. In the past 10 years though, Ecuador has come a long way in creating the infrastructure to host a major production such as a feature film from a major studio. Proof Of Life has been the largest production to date in Ecuador and was a production of Taylor Hackford's Anvil Films and Castle Rock Entertainment. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, a Universal Studios and Miramax Films production, recently filmed in the Galapagos Islands with a reduced crew using our MV Santa Cruz vessel.

Why film Ecuador? Because it is one gorgeous and exotic open-air studio! It features the most beautiful, unique and exotic locations on the planet, such as the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon, the Andean Sierra, Pacific Coast, the Middle of the World, cloud forests, active snow-capped volcanoes, metropolis, port cities, Spanish colonial churches, Inca ruins, and more -- all within a few hours of each other. The climate is mostly spring-like all year round and the people are the most friendliest in the world. This in addition to a dollarized economy, very inexpensive labor costs, a pool of qualified industry professionals, a tourism industry that is world renowned, and the unparalleled diversity is the reason why you should consider Ecuador as your next location for your production!

We welcome you to shoot your next production in the most exotic and unique locations in the world, Ecuador South America! Productions
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